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Selected Discography of Art Songs by African American Composers

  (source: Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College)

Ah! Love, But a Day: Songs and Spirituals of American Women. Includes songs by Margaret Bonds, Undine Smith Moore, Florence Price, Jacqueline Hairston, and Betty Jackson King. Louise Toppin, soprano, Jay A. Pierson, baritone, and John O'Brien, piano. Videmus/Albany Records Troy 385 (1999).

Amen! African-American Composers of the Twentieth Century. Music by various composers. Includes two song cycles: William Grant Still's Songs of Separation and Robert Owenss Borderline. Oral Moses, bass-baritone and Geroge Bailey, piano. Albany Records Troy 459 (2001).

Creole Classique: Music for a New Orleans Soire. Includes songs by Basile Bars, Samuel Snar, Raymond Kerry Moore, and Anthony Peter Moore. Various artists. GUMBO8319 (2000).

Dreamer: A Portrait of Langston Hughes. Includes songs by Robert Owens, William Grant Still, Hale Smith, Henriette Davison, Harry T. Burleigh, Florence Price, and Margaret Bonds. Darryl Taylor, tenor, Maria Corley, piano, with William Warfield, narrator, Erik Santo, piano, and Patricia Terry-Ross, harp. Naxos Records, American Classics Series 8.559136 (2002).

Fi-Yer! A Century of African American Song. William Brown, tenor, and Ann Sears, piano. Albany Records TROY 329 (1999).

For Doc: A Brothers� Tribute in Song. Dedicated to Wendell Whalum. Choral settings by Whalum, Wendell Logan, Harry T. Burleigh, John W. Work, and others. [Morehouse College Glee Club] Volume 10, MCGC (1990).

I've Known Rivers. Includes songs by Swanson, Boatwright and Burleigh among other composers. Steven Marking, baritone and Richard Cherry, piano. Mountaintop Studios and American International Artists (2002).

The Negro Speaks of Rivers and Other Art Songs by African-American Composers. Music of Leslie Adams, Margaret Bonds, Charles Brown, Cecil Cohen, Undine Moore, Robert Owens, Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, Florence Price, Howard Swanson, George Walker, and John W. Work, Jr. Odekhiren Amaize, bass-baritone. Musicians Showcase Recordings MS 1011 (1999).

Nueva Espaa: Close Encounters in the New World, 1590 - 1690. Includes African-influenced villancicos, negritos, and dance music from the late Renaissance and Baroque periods in South America. The Boston Camerata. Erato Disques Erato 2292-45977-2 (1993).

Poetry Prelude: Music of Richard Thompson. Darryl Taylor, tenor, Louise Toppin, soprano, Richard Thompson, piano. Albany Records TROY 830 (2006).

Remembrance: African American Songs. Includes songs by Robert Owens, John W. Work, Mark Fax, Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, Noel Da Costa, David Baker, Harry Thacker Burleigh, William Grant Still. Dina Cancryn Foy, soprano, Polly Brecht, piano. DCF Records (1996). Unnumbered.

Sence You Went Away: Contemporary African American Art Songs & Spirituals. Music of Leslie Adams, Valerie Capers, Adolphus Hailstork, Cedric Dent, Eugene Hancock, John Carter, and Wendell Whalum. Various artists. Albany Records Troy 387 (2000).

Songs of Illumination. Includes songs by Hale Smith, Camille Nickerson, Thomas Kerr, Adolphus Hailstork, Stephen Newby, Howard Swanson, William Banfield, Evelyn Simpson-Curenton, and a performance of T. J. Anderson's song cycle, Songs of Illumination. Louise Toppin, soprano, and Bill Brown, tenor, with Howard Watkins and Vivian Taylor, piano. Centaur Records CRC 2375 (1998).

The Unknown Flower: Song Cycles by American Women Composers of the 20th Century. Charsie Randolph Sawyer, soprano. Includes song cycles by Valerie Capers, Lena McLin, Lettie Beckon Alston, Betty Jackson King, and Jacqueline Sellers. Calvin College Alumni Associate CAA-1004 (1999).

Watch and Pray: Spirituals and Art Songs by African-American Women Composers. Music of Betty Jackson King, Margaret Bonds, Undine Smith Moore, Florence Price, and Julia Perry. Videmus. Koch International Classics Koch 3-7247-2H1 (1994).

Where the Music Comes From: American Songs. Includes art songs by Harry T. Burleigh and Wendell Logan. Cynthia Haymon, soprano; and Warren Jones, piano. Decca Record Company Argo 436 117-2 (1992).

You Can Tell the World: Songs by African-American Women Composers. Art songs and spiritual arrangements by Lena J. McLin, Florence Price, Julia Perry, Zenobia Powell Perry, Betty Jackson King, Jeraldine Saunders Herbison, and Sharon J. Willis. Sebronette Barnes, soprano and Elise Auerbach, piano. Senrab Records SRR7988 (2000).

Adams, Leslie. "For You There Is No Song." On: The Horse I Ride Has Wings. Donnie Ray Albert, baritone, David Garvey, piano. Now Recordings (1996).

 Love Rejoices: Songs of H. Leslie Adams. Darryl Taylor, tenor, Robin Guy, piano. Visionary Records/Albany Records Troy 428 (2000).
  Baker, David. Song Cycle. On: Mostly Americana. Jennifer Poffenberger, soprano; and Lori Piitz, piano. Enharmonic ENCD93-012 (1993).

Banfield, William C. Extensions of the Tradition. Includes his "Spiritual Songs for Tenor and Cello" and "The Prophetess II." Innova Records Innova 510 (1996).

Burleigh, Harry T. Deep River: Songs and Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh. Oral Moses, baritone; and Ann Sears, piano. Northeastern Records NR 252-CD (1995).

Burleigh, Harry T. From the Southland: Songs, Piano Sketches and Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh. Hilda Harris, Philip Creech, Steven Cole, and Arthur Woodley, with Joseph Smith, piano. Premier Recordings (1995).

Carter, John. "Cantata for voice and piano." On: St. Louis Woman. Christine Brewer, soprano; and Kirt Pavitt, piano. Opera Theatre of St. Louis OTSL CD93 (1993).

Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel. Hiawatha. Scenes from the Song of Hiawatha, including Hiawatha's Wedding Feast, The Death of Minnehaha, and Hiawatha's Departure. Welsh National Opera. Two-CD boxed set includes booklet with libretto. Decca Record Company Argo 430 356-2 (1991).

Davis, Anthony. Lost Moon Sisters. On: Urban Diva. Dora Ohrenstein, soprano, and ensemble. Composers Recordings Incorporated CRI CD 654 (1993).

Newby, Stephen Michael. Gospel Songs for Baritone and String Orchestra. On: Shades of Blue: Symphonic Works by African American Composers.

ichard Taylor, baritone, Washington Symphony, conducted by Julius P. Williams. Visionary Records/Albany Records Troy 431 (2000).

Owens, Robert. Fields of Wonder: Songs and Spirituals of Robert Owens. Darryl Taylor, tenor, Robert Owens, piano, and Stephen Tucker, conductor. Videmus/Albany Records TROY 897 (2006).

Tearless. Donnie Ray Albert, baritone and Robert Owens, piano. Cinnabar Records (2004).

Price, Florence. "Song to the Dark Virgin." On: The Horse I Ride Has Wings. Donnie Ray Albert, baritone, David Garvey, piano. Now Recordings (1996).

Raphael, Michael. Michael Raphael's Jazz Hymns. Kevin Maynor, bass; Brandt Fredericksen and Eric Olsen, piano. Guild GMCD 7224 (2001).
Smith, Hale. The Valley Wind; Toussaint L'Ouverture; In Memoriam-Beryl Rubenstein. On: The Music of Hale Smith. Various artists. CRI CD 860 (2000).

Still, William Grant. From the Hearts of Women; Mother and Child; "The Citadel;" "Golden Days." On: The American Scene. Margaret Alstrup with the Manhattan Chamber Orchestra. Newport Classic NPD 85596 (1995).

 Three Rhythmic Spirituals, "I Feel Like My Time Ain't Long." On: A Festive Sunday with William Grant Still. Schola Cantorum of the University of Arkansas. Cambria Master Recordings CD-1060 (1996).

Tillis, Frederick. Freedom, Spiritual Fantasy no. 9, and four art songs. On: Freedom. New World Records NW 80455-2 (1996).

Walker, George. Cantata for Soprano, Tenor, Boys Choir and Chamber Orchestra. On: George Walker: A Portrait. Joyce Mathis, Walter Turnbull, the Boys Choir of Harlem, and the Orchestra of St. Luke�s. Albany Records Troy 136 (1994).

 Collected songs. On: The Music of George Walker. Phyllis Bryn-Julson, soprano and George Walker, piano. Composers Recordings Inc. CRI CD 719 (1995).

 Lilacs for voice and orchestra. On: Lilacs for Voice and Orchestra: The Music of George Walker. Faye Robinson, soprano, Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra. Summit Records DCD 274 (2000).

 Poem for Soprano and Chamber Ensemble. On: Works by Joel Chadabe, Clark Eastham, George Walker, and James Willey. Capitol Chamber Artists. Centaur Records, 1991 (Centaur CRC 2071). (Also released on George Walker, Albany Records Troy 154 [1995].