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Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin

Female | Performers

A specialist in the pedagogy and performance for African American folk-based music styles, Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin serves on faculty at Princeton University and Long Island University at Brooklyn ROC Nation School of Music, Sports, and Entertainment. In addition, Dr. Robinson-Martin is an internationally recognized clinician and performer, the creator of Soul Ingredients® Methodology and Soul Ingredients® Voice studio, serves on the national faculty of Gospel Music Workshop of America and LoVetri Institute of Somatic Voicework™, is the executive director of the African American Jazz Caucus, board director for the Jazz Education Network, member of the editorial board of Journal of Singing, and is a member of the distinguished American Academy of Teachers of Singing.


Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin serves as the private voice instructor in jazz and the Jazz Vocal Collective Ensemble director. In addition to working at Princeton University, Dr. Robinson-Martin is on the faculty at Long Island University at Brooklyn, the founder of Soul Ingredients® Voice Studio, Soul Ingredients® Voice Teacher Training Academy, serves as the Creative Arts Director at Turning Point United Methodist Church in Trenton, NJ, and performs regularly in the tri-state area. As an internationally recognized voice pedagogue in contemporary music, Dr. Robinson-Martin has dedicated her career to performing and developing resources for teaching jazz, gospel, and R&B singing styles. She completed her doctoral work at Teachers College Columbia University. Her research focused on vocal pedagogy for Contemporary Commercial Music (e.g., R&B, jazz, rock, music theater, etc.), applied pedagogy, and gospel music performance practices. Dr. Robinson-Martin holds master's degrees in music education and jazz studies from Teachers College and Indiana University-Bloomington. Dr. Robinson-Martin is also a certified instructor in Somatic Voicework™ The Lovetri Method, a national faculty member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc., the executive director of the African American Jazz Caucus, Inc., a founding and executive board member of the Donald Meade Legacy Jazz Griot Award, and board of director of the Jazz Education Network, on the editorial board of the Journal of Singing, and is a member of the distinguished American Academy of Teachers of Singing. Based on her graduate research, Dr. Robinson-Martin designed Soul Ingredients®, a teaching methodology for developing a singer's musical style/interpretation in African American folk-based music styles (i.e., jazz, gospel, R&B, blues, etc.). This methodology shows students how to take their personal experiences, musical influences, and models, and execute the various components in a personal manner to the singer/performer's unique expression. In addition to her book "So You Want to Singing Gospel," she has contributed chapters to several textbooks and scholarly writings on the tops of voice and Black music history. In addition to books, Robinson-Martin's published work can also be found in Downbeat Magazine, New York Times, Journal of Singing, Journal of Voice, and Voice and Speech. As a performer, Dr. Trineice Robinson-Martin maintains a diverse performance schedule. New York Music Daily praised Robinson as "an individualist who defies categorization: there's the immediacy of classic soul music here, coupled to jazz sophistication, gospel rapture and fervor." Whether touring with Peabo Bryson and Leela James in the Standing in Shadows of Motown Live, being a featured soloist with Erie Philharmonic Orchestra, creating vocal tracks for Nnenna Freelon's Grammy Nominated Album "Time Traveler," or performing with her jazz quartet, Dr. Trineice loves to perform good music. As evident in her 2021 debut album, which features Cyrus Chestnut and Don Braden, “All Or Nothing” reflects the whole-hearted spirit with which she's approached every facet of her wide-ranging career. It captures the passion, confidence and dazzling scope of her rich, expressive voice, which DownBeat Magazine hails as "redolent with power… stunning." But it also represents the dedication and commitment that she's brought to an impressive career as a renowned educator, researcher, scholar, and clinician.



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