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Clarence Cameron White

Male | Composers


b. 1880-1960

Clarence Cameron White studied violin with Joseph Douglas and Will Marion Cook, and attended Howard University (1894 - 1895), Oberlin Conservatory of Music (1896 - 1901), studied composition with Samuel Coleridge-Taylor in London, England (summer of 1908 - 1910) and violin with M. Zacharewitsch. He concertized widely during the 1912 - 1923 period, after which he devoted his career to teaching which included positions a the Washington Conservatory of Music, West Virginia State College, and Hampton Institute. White used Negro folk music as a source for his compositions, which included works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, violin spiritual arrangements, and opera. Titles of his works include: Bandanna Sketches, Poem, Concertino in D Minor, Elergy, and Ouanga.

Source: Perkins Holly, Ellistine. Biographies of Black Composers and Songwriters; A Supplementary Textbook. Iowa:Wm. C. Brown Publishers, 1990.



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