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Gregory TS Walker

Male | Composers


Since a marathon performance of Bruch’s "Kol Nidre", an original arrangement of "Ora No Omboko", and his "Bad Rap for Violin and Chamber Orchestra" with the Colorado Symphony in 1996, Gregory T.S. Walker has charted his own creative course while developing unique collaborations with the Cleveland Chamber Symphony, the Breckenridge Festival Orchestra, the Ft. Collins Symphony, the Yaquina Chamber Orchestra, and the Colorado Music Festival Orchestra, as well as Poland’s Filharmonia Sudecka and the Encuentro Musical de los Americas in Havana, Cuba.  He has frequented Great Britain’s Lake District Music Festival, the Spoleto Festival, the Cork Orchestral Society in Ireland, and the Lamia Conservatoire in Greece. Concertmaster of the Boulder Philharmonic Orchestra, his discography showcases the "silky violin tone and beautifully calibrated phrasing" described by the Newark Star-Ledger.  Among these CRI, Orion, Leonarda, and Albany recordings is Kaleidoscope: The Music of African American Women, with pianist Helen Walker-Hill.  He was loaned the 1718 “ex- Székely” Stradivarius for his Albany Records Sinfonia Varsovia recording and December 2009 world-premiere of Pulitzer prize-winning composer George Walker’s "Violin Concerto" with the Philadelphia Orchestra.  In 1993, the Colorado Symphony commissioned Dr. Walker to compose what was acclaimed as the first “rap symphony,” "Dream N. the Hood", which was described as "an American masterpiece" by the Minneapolis Pioneer Press.  He received the American Academy of Arts and Letters Charles Ives Fellowship in 2000.  Walker has also been profiled in Guitar for the Practicing Musician, his work as a multimedia performance artist has been showcased at the Sonic Circuits International Festival and the New West Electronic Arts & Media Organization Festival, and he is featured on the cover of the April 2007 International Musician magazine.  In 2009, he debuted a new laptop multimedia instrument during the California premiere of "Looking for the Perfect Planet" for Amplified Chorus and Video Sampler at the Golden Gate Festival. An official NS Design and Zeta electric violin artist, he has also appeared with pop star Lyle Lovett.  His "Electric Vivaldi" Newport Classic enhanced compact disc, an interpretation/remix of Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons with the Boulder Philharmonic, was released in 2006.  He along with filmmaker Charles Fryberger finished their documentary film "Song of the Untouchable‚Äč" in 2012. The documentary film project required Walker to travel to Kerala, India to perform with Dalit caste musicians.‚Äč





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